Women vs. Women

Topics: Female, Gender, Woman Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Psych 540
Ms. McManus & Ms. Smith

Women vs. Women: Bullying Broads
A recent article on a website hosted by the ABC news show, Good Morning America, has brought a new workplace problem to light (Wild & Brady, 2009). This is the problem of women bosses bullying other women. Though this is probably not actually a new problem for our society, it is just recently being brought to attention because of one woman’s struggle with her female boss. The woman in the article attempted to sue her company after she experienced a mental breakdown due to the bullying she was victim to. The law suit was finally dismissed after four years. The woman suffering from the bullying, Jane Frye, claims that she dreaded going to work after boss regularly demeaned her, embarrassed her in front of coworkers and gave her deadlines impossible to meet.

The article states that while male bosses are more likely to target male and female employees equally as aim of workplace anger, female bosses target female employees at least 70 percent of the time. One reason found to be associated with the bullying is that female bosses see their female employees as competition for their own jobs. I would also hypothesize that female bosses may not target males as frequently because they are seeking approval from their male coworkers and/or bosses. Some female bosses are seeking help and admit that they realized they were targeting females after they did it. However, one female boss felt she was justified in the bullying.

This article directly relates to the concept of women vs. women in the backlash against feminism. In the article, women are acting against their female coworkers for reasons that most are not even sure of. Though we discussed in class that women vs. women often occurs between working and non-working women or among friends who hold resentment to another friend getting married first, this is also a serious case of women vs. women that could affect almost all women. I have...
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