Ways to Reduce Pollution.

Topics: Oxygen, Pollution, Automobile Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 31, 2010
'Pollution' is the noun of the verb 'pollute'. To pollute is to more something impure or dirty, especially by adding harmful or unpleasant substance. Pollution has been a serious issue for our world. There are air pollution, water pollution and ground pollution. Pollution has caused the earth to become weak and hence, endanger the living creatures- human, animals, and plants. If this continues, the Earth might not be able to function properly and eventually lead us to death.

We must not destroy the Earth by polluting the environment. We must let the younger generation have the same world we had a few decades ago. We should all take precautions and find ways to reduce pollution. Pollution will lead us nowhere except to create disease and suffering. I have just met up with a scientish, Dr Leong, from the House of Science Malaysia. He has given me tips on reducing the pollution.

Firstly, we must not do open burning. Do stop a person who is doing so because that can reduce the smoke from blending into the air and thus getting into our lungs. Open burning can cause the ozone layer to be thinner.

Then, the conventional car, which uses an internal engine, is one of the biggest sources of pollution, considering that there are 700 million of these cars in the world. As a car owner, you have the responsibility of minimizing your car's contribution to pollution. So, plan your trips well for it helps to reduce gasoline consumption, thus cutting down on air pollution. Carpooling, cycling, or walking to school or work is also encouraged as they are means of reducing pollution.

There are a number of simple yet surefire ways to reduce pollution in the home. For instance, you can do energy conservation measures such as turning the lights and appliances off when not using them; planting trees around your house to provide cool shade; using the electric fan instead of the air conditioner; hanging the clothes outside to dry instead of using the dryer; or putting up window...
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