Was There a Blitz Spirit?

Topics: Working class, Bomb, Luftwaffe Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Was there a Blitz spirit?
* During the Blitz, there was a lot of bombings and damage which caused upset to many people. However in England, to a large extent it is believed that there was a Blitz spirit. There were mottos such as ‘keep calm and carry on’ which told people not to worry about the Blitz and just continue with their normal lives. Blitz spirit, defined as whatever happens you’ll stick to something until the bitter end. However, to some extent people believed there was no such thing as a Blitz spirit, just something that was intended to keep people working. *

* The blitz spirit was influential to many people in the UK during the Blitz. It made sure that people weren’t disheartened by the fact that they were bombed. It is believed that the Blitz spirit brought out the true colours of the British people and was a representation of endurance and defiance. Over the eight months of bombardment, people were exhausted from carrying gas masks, and feeling to shelters and underground stations, but overall no one really panicked and the spirit made people continue with their everyday lives. The Blitz spirit did exist and without it, people wouldn’t have lasted the 57 consecutive raids, and because of this they were few calls for surrender, high morale and committed workers. The Blitz spirit brought a sense of national unity to Britain and the increase in morale meant no one was scared of the German Luftwaffe. They also believed the cheap Anderson shelters plus the natural soil could protect them from the bombs. *

* On the other hand, to a smaller extent there were some people that believed the raid of Britain was a difficult period which couldn’t be controlled. During the Blitz, it is said that there was a ‘Blitz spirit’ which brought high morale and continuation of work, but really there were strikes and a lot more anti-Semitism. People who were affected the worst by the Blitz were the working class population due to their positions of...
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