Walton at a Glance

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Walton (motorcycle)
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Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited

Its our Product
Private Limited Company
Jiban Bima Bhaban(Level- 3), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Area served
Key people
S.M. Nurul Alam Rezvi
Walton Motorcycle
Walton motorcycle, produced by Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. established in 1977. Walton is the first motorcycle manufacturer of Bangladesh[1] with different models of 80 cc to 140 cc motorcycle. The company exports products in different countries of the world.[2][3] Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Walton at a Glance
Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd (WHIL) is the pioneer in manufacturing of multi-staged Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Televisions and Automobiles, Smart Phones and Home Appliances in Bangladesh. It is a sister concern of R.B. Group, which is one of the topmost conglomerates of Bangladesh. It has been operating its businesses with great reputation since 1977. Walton has become a sensation among customers. It has several manufacturing plants in Bangladesh which are among the biggest ones in South Asia. Walton manufactures a wide range of products using the state-of-the-art technology, applying innovative designs and maintaining strict quality control system. The major products of  Walton brand are: (1) Refrigerator and Freezer [having three manufacturing plants] (2) Motorcycle (3) Air Conditioner (4) Smart Phone (5) Television [3D LED, Smart TV, LED, LCD, CRT] (6) DVD Player (7) Microwave Oven and Steam Oven (8) Washing Machine (9) Iron (10) Domestic and Industrial Generators (11) Various kinds of home appliances (Blender, Juicer, Grinder, Rice Cooker and Pressure Cooker, Washing Machine, Electric Kettle, Induction Cooker, Sewing Machine, Hair Dryer etc).  

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd as well as other sister concerns of R.B. Group are well-furnished with a strong Research and...
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