Tv Representation of Families and Society - 1950s to Present

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Report On TV Families

The television shows from 1950 to the present are connected in many ways. The characters showed in the 1950s television show called Leave It To Beaver all have white coloured skin and portrayed as a happy, perfect family. As the decades increased, the nuclear families turned into blended families, and the television shows started to have coloured characters. The families started to have problems and social situations. The viewer sees the conflicts inside the family begin as the years progress. For example, in the 2000's we examined a television show called Arrested Development. The show portrays the characters as if they are troubled and have problems. The children do not listen to their parents but instead have their own path in life, and their father is in jail. The representations of families changed according to society. In the 1950s, society acted traditionally, and old-fashioned. Therefore, the families portrayed in television were traditional, old-fashioned, obedient, and responsible. However, as the years progressed, society changed. The people became more free, open-minded, united, and dysfunctional. However, even though there are many differences between the television shows from the decades, there are still similarities between them. Even though society changes through time, families are still connected through love, support, care and responsibilities.

In my family, we always stick together, support each other's choices and love every person unconditionally. The television show that I can most relate to is The Crosby Show for many reasons. The Crosby Show has a humorous father, and a caring and loving mother who are both hard working, siblings who fight but still love playing and music. The female teenager called Denise is independent, likes boys, music, wants an education, but still has fun which is alot like myself. The family had the same values as mine, such as education is important in the household, being healthy, and having a respectful and honest relationship with everyone. However, the past television show which I least relate to is called The Brady Bunch. It is a blended family which consists of a father who is an architect, a mother who stays home, a family nanny, and six children. The parents act romantic, loving and do not raise their voice or argue. The children behave properly and do not have their independent voice nor their freedom. My family is not perfect like The Brady Bunch but we are a loving family with modern values and morals.

The past television shows I have examined demonstrated morals, and values in families. In my opinion, the most realistic TV show about a family in the past was the Cosby Show. The Cosby Show was the only TV show that had a normal family. Both the parents had a successful job, the children have morals and optimistic values, and the family is always positive and humorous. The children have normal problems at their age, they care about education and social standards. They make it seem as if everyone is equal and fair, and everyone has their own opinions not just following every action. On the other hand, the TV show which had a dysfunctional and least unrealistic family was Married With Children. This family was chaotic, uncontrolled, and they have dysfunctional values. The mother does not think straight and wants control over her husband. The father on the other hand, gives away his money without an opinion, and does not give authority to the children. The children do not care about school, nor health. They cannot be controlled and handled by the parents very well. Half the time, the parents do not even know where their children are. In my opinion this is not healthy nor a stable environment for the children to grow up in.

Overall, families in general are represented in TV shows by how society is acting in that specific year. For example, in the 1950s families were behaving properly and according to the rules. They had perfect...
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