Turn TV on, turn happiness on!

Topics: Television, Reality television, Television program Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Turn TV on, turn happiness on!
Nowadays, people are always oppressed by pressures because of heavy works. There are many ways to let people relax themselves such as doing some sport, reading books, and listening music, etc. Thanks to the advanced technology, watching TV become one of the most popular ways to push pressures away. Also, it is an outstanding way for many people to entertain and update information. Eating junk food and watching TV turn into one of people’s lifestyles. TV shows come in variety of forms, it can be classified in three ways: competition show, drama, and comedy. Competition shows become more and more popular over the past decade. It gathers judges and contestants, and usually has audiences cheer for those rivals. Participants often come from many different places and have their own stories, and they usually inspire many people to chase their dreams. The winners of the competition usually chosen by viewers through internet, telephone, and short message service text, and they can get a bundle of money and become performing artists. American idol, the voice, and dancing with the stars, for example, they are most popular competition shows in the United States. American idol, one of the most fantastic singing competitive programs, assembles many talented singers from different places. There are many famous and brilliant singers from that show such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Dancing with the stars, moreover, celebrities paired with professional dancers to compete against with other groups. The couple determined by audience votes and judges’ points. The viewers always fascinated by contestants’ allure and magnificent performance. This type of show usually makes audience feel more real and touched by those contestants’ emotions and stamina. No wonder it can catch people’s attention. Another form of TV show is drama. It is a serious work or program for television, and preformed by actors and actresses. In addition, it...
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