Trials and verdicts

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Trials and verdicts
NyKeisha Frye
Strayer University
Professor Janice Bella
March, 1, 2015

In 2011 Lafler V. Cooper was a case where Cooper was being charged with assault with intent to murder and three other offenses for shooting a woman in the thigh and buttocks after missing a shot in her head. In criminal court they offered to dismiss two of the charges and to recommend a 51-85 month sentence on the other two in exchange for a guilty plea. After entering the guilty plea, he then rejected the offer after his lawyer told him that the prosecution would be unable to establish intent to murder because the victim had been shot below the waist. Criminal court was the best court to handle this case because it was involving a harmful act upon another human being. Another case was the Lamonte Armstrong story. He was convicted of murdering an N.C A&T University professor. He did take it to trial and sadly the verdict was that he was found guilty and was given a life sentence without the chance of parole. Another police officer took over the case and looked farther into the investigation. He learned March, 18, 2012 that the murder case against him would be dismissed. It goes to show you that the law Enforcement made a mistake, and they needed to look more into the suspects when interviewing them, get hard evidence, and possibly DNA. Even though that man wasn’t guilty he was still accused and charged. I’m sure when he goes places or tries to get a job people think twice that kind of slandered his name. The third case is a hall of famer, former NFL player who was a teammate for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders. He was arrested for physically abusing a woman he was dating at the time. He allegedly assaulted her in a hotel room they were staying at. There were no witnesses to this woman’s accusations. Due to this...

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