Traffic Problems

Topics: Pollution, Automobile, Bicycle Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: January 18, 2015
1. Today I would like to talk about traffic problems and solutions in Lithuania. 2. As we know, traffic is one of the biggest problems in the big cities around the world. 3. The main problems caused by traffic congestion, which are related to the air pollution. 4. Nowadays, Vilnius, Kaunas and Šiauliai are the biggest polluters in Lithuania. 5. However, they are looking solutions how decrease air pollution. 6. So, what we can do to decrease traffic in the cities?

7. First, we need to realize that all our endeavour don‘t go vainly. 8. Stop and think about acid rains, water and soil pollution, which are caused by cars exhausted gas. 9. Just for once go to work or school by foot and you will do a step forwards. 10. Walking is better choice than going by car, because this means that you don’t cause the greenhouse effect. 11. Secondly, to decrease traffic problems we can use convenient public transport more and more often and it will be much cheaper and faster to you. 12. Also, cycling a bike is a good way to solve this problem, because if you ride a bicycle day after day, you keep fit and healthy. 13. Moreover, bike is non-polluting and environmentally friendly. 14. On the other hand, bike is a good mode of transport in summer, warm spring or warm autumn, but what we have to do when become cold or soggy? 15. Then you can use public transport as I mentioned above. 16. In conclusion, everyone have to begin from themselves and do something valuable. 17. So, think what are you doing and do what you are thinking.
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