The Golden Age of Television

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 Martin 1 “The Golden Age of Television” brought many changes to America (Bhattacharyya). Modern America is not like America was in the 1940s and early 1950s, and one reason is because of television. Musical shows, children’s shows, movies, news, and so much more are on TV. Television doesn’t only entertain us, but it helps us in so many ways. We can learn from TV. Different educational channels are created to help us learn (Cochrane). TV is a way for us to get information, too, just like books and the Internet. Lastly, television can also affect people and their lives. Before TV, there was more interaction between people ( Today, there is not as much interaction and communication between people. As you can see, television helped shape modern America by helping people learn, affecting people’s lives, and brining new ways to broadcast information to Americans.

Television is one of many ways we can get information. Another way is through computers ( Not just computers, however, but inventions such as email and the Internet that were made for the computer. The Internet gives us access to a lot. All we need to do is type a search into the search bar, and within seconds we can get tons of information. And email lets us communicate with people and share information when we used to have to either call or send a letter. Email let us communicate with family, friends, and other people, and also share information faster than letter writing ( Internet helps us by giving us tons of results when we do a search ( There is information on everything on the Internet. Another computer-based invention is the laptop ( Laptops help us because we can use the inventions of email and the Internet and also take it almost anywhere.

Martin 2
Another way to get information is through print. The first alphabet, developed by the Phoenicians, was one of the first ways of communication, besides speech ( Books are another way that we learn through print ( Books can give us information on almost everything. There is so much that people can learn from books. The first encyclopedia had lots of information for people to learn about ( The first library, started by the Greeks, was a way for the books to be stored and for people to be able to have access to all those books ( The printing press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg, was a way for books to be printed and not hand-written ( Finally, there are typewriters, which were very common because computers had not yet been invented when they were around. A paper could easily be typed on a typewriter.

A third way that many people get there information from is electronics. Electronics such as radio and cell phones help us by letting us get information. Radio is one electronic that helps us. The radio has been in America for a long time. Before television was invented, almost every American had a radio, and that was how they got their news. With radio, we can get information about our world. ( One way we get information through radio is on news radio shows. Radio also gives us entertainment through music. Cell phones help us because we can keep in touch with people ( We can talk to people and share information and also take our cell phones most anywhere.

Lastly, another way to share info is through transportation. This means that it needs to travel across a distance to get to the receiver. One way to share information by transportation is through letter writing ( People still write letters to people today. The...
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