the crucible act 2

Topics: Muse, Taj Mahal, Ramification Pages: 4 (846 words) Published: February 15, 2014
(ED uh fis)
a building, especially one of imposing appearance or size

"The Great Kong ATE the north FACE of
The construction of one EDIFICE led to another, and New York City became a skyline of enormous skyscrapers. The Taj Mahal may not be the largest EDIFICE ever constructed, but surely it is one of the most imposing in the world. Neither imposing in appearance or size, you could hardly refer to an outhouse as an EDIFICE. PARADOX

(PAIR uh dahks)
a statement that seems true but at the same time seems to also have an opposite truth Link: BEARS OR DUCKS
"The 'are we BEARS or DUCKS' PARADOX."
Dr. Jekyll was often a PARADOX; as soon as you began to understand him, he became Mr. Hyde. John said he was an agnostic, but the PARADOX was he attended church every Sunday. Herbert's hatred of walking was PARADOXICAL, once you understood he worked as a mailman. PENITENT

(PEN uh tunt)
sorrow and remorse for past misdeeds
Thi Sogs r 4, caw I'm Sax), saw
Tim .Soitft Y
tin SolcitY
"Bubba was PENITENT for the crimes that
landed him in the PENITENTIARY."
Clark became PENITENT when he learned his
careless driving put two people in the hospital.
ij The pickpocket pretended PENITENCE but the policeman believed him to be IMPENITENT. Jennifer felt PENITENT that she had cause her mother so much sorrow. MUSE
to ponder; meditate; think about at length
Link: FUSE

"It is unwise to MUSE once
the FUSE is lit."
Rick was such a good auto mechanic he never MUSED over what the problem might be, he knew immediately and went right to work fixing it. u Chess is a MUSING game of skill whereupon each player MUSES over all the possible moves before deciding which piece to move. CI Though the odds of winning the lottery are very low, it is fun to MUSE about what you would do if you actually won. GLOAT

to brag greatly
Link: GOAT

"And I got this award for...
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