Solar System

Topics: Pollution, Noise pollution, Waste Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Write an essay on environmental pollution


1. Introduction

2. Causes

i. Industrial waste ii. Smoke iii. Noise iv. Deforestation v. spraying of pesticides and insecticides vi. Shortage of filth depots

3. Effects

i. Mental tension ii. Respiratory diseases iii. Irritation iv. Deafness v. heart diseases

4. Remedies

i. Forestation ii. Anti pollution devices iii. Regular check up of vehicles iv. New laws v. public awareness through media

Pollution is the most horrible menace that the man of the modern era is facing. It is disastrous for all the living creatures. But people are not aware of its causes, dangerous effects and remedies. Environmental pollution is nearing hazardous limits. In big cities, for example, more than 60% of the entire garbage including plastic bags and tyres is burnt openly. This produces extremely toxic gases that cause a number of mental physical diseases. Various factors are responsible for polluting the earth’s atmosphere. Air is the most essential of all human needs and it is this too that is most polluted today. Different types of industries are releasing deadly gases. Unturned automobiles are omitting carbon monoxide. Smoke of the cigarettes is also affecting human health. Air pollution is causing respiratory problems among the general public. Water is the second most important commodity to sustain life. But this too is not available in pure time. There are several reasons for this. Untreated industrial wastes discharge is polluting our water system. Similarly, agricultural pesticides and insecticides are polluting our underground water. Impure water leads to an increase in gastrointestinal diseases. Another factor is of waste matter from daily consumption which we throw carelessly on streets and roads. This house hold garbage breeds mice, mosquitoes, flies and many other disease spreading pests. Noise pollution is also threatening our mental health. The sound of horns, silencerless...
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