Should Private Car Owners Be Taxed for Pollution

Topics: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Acid rain Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: May 30, 2013
should private car owners be taxed for pollution?

With people’s living conditions getting better and better, many people now have their private cars. There’s no doubt that it is because of cars that we lead a more convenient life.By cars , we can go many places which are far from us. Besides , cars can save us a lot of time to go to distance.

However, in recent days, a discussion has hit us about whether private car owners should be taxed for pollution. In my opinion, they should be taxed for pollutuon.

As we all know, too many cars will lead to many problems. Every morning, when people are going to work, the road may be clogged with cars. Otherwise, cars release plenty of harmful gas emissions, which will pollute the air and cause people’s diseases. First of all, the gas emissions of cars include carbonic oxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, sulfur dioxide ect, which really do harm to the environment to a large extent. They will lead to foggy weather, acid rain, acid soil and water and so on. What’s worse, the trees and flowers will not grow normally because of the the pollution. Many buildings, will be dissloved by the acid rain as well. Crops will no longer have gains. On the other hand, these chemical substances are closely related to our health. People who have taken in the polluted air will risk to get ill. They may have cancers, eyes problems, and many other dieases.

Consequently, from the reasons above, I think that private car owners deserve to be taxed for pollution.
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