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Topics: Nutrition, Hypertension, Obesity Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: March 22, 2015
Scott Sechang
SOC- 1
Professor Thompson
18 February 2015
Why Do the World's Fattest People Live on Islands?
In the article "Why Do the World's Fattest People Live on Islands?" by Joshua E. Keating, He informs us several reasons why these islanders are obese. From reading this article I can understand why these islanders are obese. In Nauru, the world's fattest country, they have the tradiational diet of fish, fruits, and vegetables, but now have developed the taste for sugary foods. Even western fast food industries have established in the islands tourist industry. Researchers have also believe that Pacific islanders are genetically hard wired to store more fat. Through the sociological perspective, we can see the reasons for the islanders obesity. We can see replaced with military bases, which in turn changed their culture. For example, we can see that having a larger physique is often considered attractive and of higher social status among the Pacific island societies. We can also see that islanders have adapted a taste for more sugary food rather than fish, fruits, and vegetables causing the islanders to have an imblanced diet. Through the sociological imagination, we can see the results of the islanders obesity. Pacific islanders BMI is well over 30 and that being said obesity can lead to many other life threatning problems. One of them would be heart problems leading to heart disease and heart failure. Another would be diagnosed with diabeties. The article states that 45 percent of adults in Nauru are believed to be diabetic. In such cases there are many weight related problems that can cause the islanders to have many conflicts later in there life and decrease the life expectancy of these islanders.
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