Redefining our Campus

Topics: Pollution, Recycling, Water Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: March 8, 2014

Redefining our Campus
All of us have experienced an environment, it could be in a desert, cave or a metropolitan city. What is surrounding us on this earth defines our living habitat over natural occurrences, as a result we need to protect this precious God giving natural setting. Protecting the environment could be gained by learning how to keep our environment safe from any danger that possibly will affect our life and daily routine. An attempt should be made to achieve a sustainable setting where the environment stays in harmony and we exist as conservative beings in the ecosystem. As young students, we should address this alarming situation and spread awareness of this alarming situation for the same, and emerge as role models for saving our environment. Our campus’ environment plays a big role for both professors and students in suggesting the pros of having a green landscape and the cons of damaging the surrounding. In case we do not protect our university’s environment, we could be affected by pollution that may probably shake our life on campus. We could protect the environment by understanding the problem and identifying alternative measures that suggest: reducing the usage of electricity, wastage of water resources, and the over-exploitation of papers and plastics.

First, electricity is essential in our campus’ environment. In the UAE, electricity is generated by burning oil reserves, which is very harmful, polluting the air, and limiting our natural resources as well. The electricity is then distributed to different parts of the city; however, our campus retrieves it from these sources. Therefore, after identifying such a problem, we need to alternate with this situation to develop better methods to provide our campus with electricity. The first method that we should follow in order to protect our university from the shortcomings of electricity distribution is by reducing the usage of the electricity itself. We could reduce the usage of...
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