Reality Tv Shows Pros and Cons Outline

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Reality television has been defined by as a genre of television programming in which “real-life” people are followed in a situation, game, etc. Over the years the amount and kinds of different reality shows has increased tremendously. Reality TV is supposed to focus on real life people and their daily encounters. Reality television stars are followed around for months at a time before the director(s) choose which scenes and clips they want to air. Some people see as the producers making a bias about the character however, people still tune in and watch. Do reality TV shows depict adult activity and behavior that sensationalizes and skew regular everyday occurrences that the viewer can relate to? Pros:

* In the past years, people have been using tabloids and magazines to keep up with celebrities. TV is just an easier, less costly way to bring the lives of our favorite reality stars to our homes. (ex. Keeping up with the Kardashians) * People who don’t like reality tv shows need to realize that just as no one is forced to participate in them, nobody is forced to watch them. * It is interesting to see how people react when they are thrown in different situations with of mix of people they are not accustomed to (ex. Bad girls club or The real world) * People can learn from these shows and see the road that they do not want to go down (ex. Rehab with Dr. Drew, celebrity rehab, Teen mom) * People can relate to reality shows better than a regular TV series even though they portray the same information because it is a real person actually going through the situation. Cons:

* It sets a bad example for the younger viewers (ex. Basketball wives) * Though it is not scripted, it is manipulated. Producers chose the participants (knowing there might be some type of drama between them or cut out words and scenes to draw in viewers and make them believe something will happen other than what really will happen [ex. Love and hip hop...
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