Pollution in China

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Name: Li Linhui (Sophia Li)
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Lecture 30
Assignment 1

1. In China motor vehicle use will probably increase substantially over the next several decades as a result of China's rising global economic super power, which already has an enormous environmental footprint.

a. Research the impact of fossil fuels emission from motor vehicles on human health. Summarize your findings.

Fossil fuel emission from motor vehicles as an outdoor air pollution produces pollutants in the air which leads to negative impacts on human health. (Climate Change and Health, 2010). These pollutants mainly include carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The toxic pollutant nitrogen dioxide is ejected in the air during the process of combustion and it leads to numerous health issues especially on young children. Studies have found that “long-term exposure to NO2” increases the number of children who attracts asthma, furthermore, nitrogen dioxide have also shown to slow down or stop the growth of lungs of young children. (Air Quality and Health, 2011). On the other hand, carbon dioxide have known to affect the climate through trapping heat and energy. Therefore, fossil fuel emission indirectly affects the change of global climates which then leads to health issues.(Risks and Response, 2003). One of these issues is that extreme heat causes thousands of deaths. Secondly, extreme heat causes pollen in air to be more than usual, which could trigger asthma. Furthermore, increased temperature extends to lives of female Anopheles which is a species of mosquitoes that transmits Malaria. (Climate Change and Health, 2012). Therefore, fossil fuel emission directly and indirectly attributes to numerous health issues especially on young children.

b. Based on 300 million motor vehicles, the Chinese would have to dispose of or recycle several hundred million tires per year. Evaluate the environmental impact of tire discard.

The number of automobiles in China have been significantly increasing over the past decades, tire recycling and disposal now becomes a new problem in China. There are numerous issues that tire discard brings to the environment. Firstly, during the production, using, discarding and recycling process of tires, mass amount of chemical formaldehyde is released into the air which significantly increases risk of respiratory issues such as asthma due to inhalation of formaldehyde. Other parts of human body which comes in contact with formaldehyde also attracts numerous problems such as tiredness of the eye and negative effects on the lung. (Formaldehyde, 2002). Secondly, discarded tires appear to be a suitable and favorable place for mosquitoes to reproduce. One species of mosquitoes that lay eggs in these discarded tires are the ones that spread yellow fever among humans. Therefore, disposal of tires can be very dangerous, if they are left there for months or even years, it is very likely that mosquitoes will lay their eggs in these tires and with the increased number of mosquitoes, affection rate of yellow fever may also increase. (The physical school environment, 2003). Lastly, substances which are used to produce tires lead to dramatic health issues on humans. For instance, it was found that the more than half of “cancer deaths caused by occupational risk factors occur in the developed world” is due to large usage of chemical substances including asbestos and other particles that are used in production of tires. (Protecting and promotion health at workplace, 2007). Therefore, considering the massive amount of several hundred millions of tires which are produced in China, the related impact of tire production becomes a great environmental and health issue locally. c. Search the website of Asia Times, www.atimes.com, or elsewhere, for details on Chinese attempts to control dangerously high air pollution in Beijing in time for the 2008 Olympics. Summarize your findings.

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