Topics: Pollution, Oxygen, Sewage treatment Pages: 2 (348 words) Published: November 19, 2013
            In this 21st century, environmental issues have been everyone’s concern. The rate of pollution in our country is getting higher and has reached a dangerous level. Therefore, everyone must play a role in safeguarding the environment. Yet, before looking up for the ways to overcome this issue, we must find out the types of pollutions first.  

            Firstly, one of them is air pollution. Nowadays, almost every family has at least a car at home. Although the car is convenient for our daily lives, the smoke emission from it is harmful to the environment too. The smoke from thing burning contains sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen which may cause the acid rain. Believe me, nobody want this to happen in their daily lives.  

            Furthermore, there is water pollution. This is caused by brainless humans. Just to save their costs, the factory owners do not manage well sewage treatment systems. They discharge the untreated waste into the river and this will threaten the aquatic lives. Imagine if the river is covered by the toxic effluents, how can the aquatic animals survive? They definitely will die. If this situation is not fixed as fast as possible, they will be extinct probably.  

            Another point to note is land pollution. For instance, agriculture uses biochemical fertilizer for their plants. By doing so, the chemical substances will flow into the soil and cause it to be acidic. Besides, dumping rubbish without separating them will lead to pollution too. This is because there are specific areas for some types of rubbish.  

            Besides that, sound pollution. This occurs when our daily lives are disturbed by high levels of noise. There are many sources and most of them are related to urban development. The noise comes from vehicles, jet planes, construction sites entertainment outlets and machines. Excessively exposed to noise for a long period of time may cause headache, emotional and mental disturbances and deafness....
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