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Heart failure is a condition in which the heart does not pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body’s tissues. Heart failure that develops slowly over time is usually a result of other conditions. Conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, serve lung disease, diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, life style reasons, gender and even ethnicity. These types of conditions tend weaken and damage the heart over time Heart Failure can also occur suddenly as the result of direct damage to the heart muscle itself (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2014). Heart failure also occurs when the heart muscle is unable to pump out all the blood that enters its chambers causing congestion or like one cardiologist use to say “the backs up”.

Some of the conditions that cause heart failure is High Blood Pressure or as some say uncontrolled blood pressure. Studies from the University of UCLA show that 75% of most cases of heart failure start with HTN. HTN causes the heart muscle to thicken, as it is compensating for increased pressure that is being pumped through the arteries and veins. The increased pressure then causes the heart muscle contractions to weaken and the muscle has difficulty to relax, preventing the normal filling process to take place. Severe Lung Disease/COPD/Emphysema (smoking) are known to cause right-sided heart failure; these conditions make up pulmonary HTN. The increased pressures within the body causes the pulmonary arteries of the heart work and /or pump harder. Serve Lung disease symptoms often cause SOB, fatigue, productive and non-productive cough. Another major cause of heart failure Life Style Factors have been associated with Heart failure as sedentary life style, obesity; smoking. ETOH and illegal drug abuse increases the risk for developing Heart Disease. Hepatomegaly is has been diagnosed and that is when there is a problem with blood flow that can cause the liver to enlarge. This may sometimes be due to...

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