Othello: World Literature

Topics: Woman, Kill, Gender role Pages: 4 (1678 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Othello World Literature Paper

In the stories 1Othello and 2Antigone the roles of the characters are very important because of all the things that come to be in the story. Especially the roles the women partake in the storys. In the stories Othello and Antigone women's roles is one of the big elements, i will show the values of both of them and their views on their society and lastly the tragic ending that happened in both stories. Desdemona and Antigone are the two i would pick because they have the most impact on the stories and are very influential to all the other characters in the stories. First off i will give the values of both the characters. Desdemona says this quote 3“I do perceive here a divided duty” She believes that she owes duty or a service to both her father and her new husband, Othello. This is so because she did not tell her father that she had gotten married or the fact that he is black, and this makes him even more enraged with anger. Also she owes her husband because they had just gotten married and she can’t just walk away from this marriage just because of her father and she has a deep love for Othello, so it would be very hard for her to do so i would think. Desdemona's values are that she want to have a good life with her father and her husband. If Desdemona was not in the picture Othello would not have killed her and she was an important role as a woman because lots of men wanted to have her. People in the present day want the same thing to have a family that cares and wants to be together. It is good that Desdemona's father stated to not care about Othello. Antigone says 4"Now you can prove what you are: / A true sister, or a traitor to your family." Antigone calls out her sister because Antigone is going to properly bury her brother and she wants to know if her sister is with her or is against her. Antigone’s value is that she needs to bury her brother even if she will get killed for it. If Antigone was not in the book her brother...
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