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 Welcome to my hometown
My hometown is in Guilin GuangXi province,which is in the southwest of China. I am proud that i am a person of my hometown. I spent my first 17 years in the my beautiful hometown . When i graduated from high school, i decided to come out to the outside world without no hesitation. At that moment ,i thought i was old enough to leave my hometown and explore the other places. I thought i was grown up . I thought if i did’t leave my hometown at that time,i wouldn’t have the chance to go out . As my hometown is a poor place and every person want to go out and live a better life,especially our parents,they are eager to send their children to a better place. Since i go to school,i remember nearly all the teachers would say :”you guys ,work hard so that you can go out this big mountain.or you will just be working in the fields and be a poor farmer.” Maybe what they said were not all correct,but those reflected out situations in education. Although people in my hometown do not live a rich life ,they work hard and have beautiful hope in their minds. They have excellent qualities. They are warm-hearted. When people are in trouble ,they would kindly help them ,not like the persons in the big cities,behave cold to other people. They are honest ,and they do not have the habit of lying to people. This is the most part for me to miss my hometown. When we are together ,we are all like a big family,caring about each other and share happiness and sorrow. I really love and miss them . Welcome to my hometown ,you will have a sense of coming back home when at my hometown. Here you can relax yourself in a greatest degree. My hometown is Guilin,which is famous for its mountains and water. Almost everyone in China know that Guilin has the best mountains and water. People all around the world come to visit my hometown. In order to protect the beautiful sights ,there are a few chemical factories in Guilin and none in my hometown. Actually i am not that...
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