Management Systems Thinking: Case Study

Topics: Nutrition, Hypertension, Complaint Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Manni and Cavan’s view on a ‘System’:
Throughout life we are constantly being effected by systems, we are both influencing and being influenced by them. “A system is a collection of parts that interact with one another to function as a whole. However, a system is not the sum of its parts – it is the product of their intentions” (Ackoff, 1999). This summarises that a system will not function once it is broken down into parts, as once separated it loses the properties and parts required to make up a system (Maani & Cavana, 2007). Manni and Cavan’s view on ‘System Thinking’:

System Thinking relates to the study of cause and effect overtime and comprehension of variations and complexity (Maani & Cavana, 2007). The main functions of system thinking are; paradigm, language and methodology. Paradign refers to dynamic thinking, operational thinking, and closed-loop thinking (Maani & Cavana, 2007). These functions provide insight to foresee future actions and provide a better understanding of the world and how it will change, how systems will interact and it also recognises that the cause and effects is not so straight forward as some tend to believe. Language is a used to understand and have the ability to describe different situations. Methodology refers to understanding the structure of a system and how it relates to a system and its parts (Maani & Cavana, 2007).

Fixes that Fail
Time is limited for a student, therefore when you are hungry at university you reach for convenience foods such as McDonalds and other such fast-foods which have little or no nutritional value. This leaves you with little energy and ultimately hungry again.

A situation that I constantly find myself in while being a student at Victoria University is constantly buying convenience foods. When I am hungry I find myself reaching for unhealthy options such as McDonalds, KFC, pies, noodles and other foods that have little or no nutritional value...

References: Cavana, R.Y., & Manni, K.E. (2007). Introduction to Systems Thinking. Auckland: Pearson Education
New Zealand.
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