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Pollution is a growing epidemic where over “14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year. Most of it is plastic.” Affecting over 100 million people to this day, pollution is one of the biggest global killers, which is comparable to the disease HIV. Americans only make up 5% of the world populations, but they accumulate over 30% of the world’s waste. This essay will inform you on the epidemic that is pollution. And provide examples of every type and how they are affecting your everyday life. Air Pollution:

Air is the best free asset that we have, and is something that we use in our every day lives. It plays a key role in our day-to-day survival. Unfortunately everyday an astonishing 75 percent of all air pollution is caused by motor vehicles alone. For example, any kind of vehicle that uses a combustion engine uses oil and fuel to power the engine. By using this type of power, produces carbon monoxide, which ends up mixing with air and thus pollutes it. But not just cars produce pollution; mills, factories and other major industries are also held accountable for the amount of smog and harmful chemicals that they produce each year. Polluted air can contain carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other oxides that include leads in them. This excessive amount of pollutants end up the air that we breathe, which many other problems can arise from. An average American can breathe over two gallons of air per minute, which is over 3400 gallons each day. Keeping up with the amount of pollution that is put into the air, this can take away an average of 1-2 years off a human’s life. Which in turn leads to an estimated 50,000 or more deaths per year in America. Water Pollution:

Water, something that we take for granted, but is one of the most important elements that we need for survival. The use of hazardous materials used by industries and agriculture, directly affect near by rivers, lakes and ponds. The hazardous waste and garbage that these factories produced are directly dispersed into main water sources contaminating one of our most vital human necessities. A staggering fourteen billion pounds of garbage each year are dumped into the ocean worldwide. The over use of insecticide fertilizers by farmers, are another main reason that our drinking sources are being contaminated. Over 15 million children under the age of five die each year because of diseases that are caused by the amount of pollution in our drinking water. 80% of water pollution is caused by domestic sewage, like throwing garbage into lakes and rivers. At this pace, an estimated 3.5 billion people will face clean water shortages by 2025. Sound Pollution:

Sound pollution is something that you would not consider a type of “pollution”. But it is very common to all aspects of life, and can be looked at as a cause of air and water pollution around the world. But what is sound pollution? It is the noise that vehicles, mills, factories, and industries produce. They are generally irritating and unbearable. These noises can also lead to, deafness, headaches, mental agony, tension with others, mental imbalance and even migraines. How is it directly related to air and water pollution? One way is the amount of gas-powered vehicles that are driving on the road today. Not only do these cars cause an annoyance to people who live along major highways, they relate back to the problems of air pollution. Noise pollution can be as simple as listening to music loudly, or even going to a concert. One way that we can prevent noise pollution is not allowing mills and industries to build factories deep within major city limits. Radioactive Pollution:

Radioactive pollution is extremely rare in our world, but when it does happen, it can be extremely deadly to the environment that it affects. Radioactive pollution is extremely rare but detrimental, and even deadly, when it occurs. Because of the amount of damage and the intensity of radioactivity, it is a...

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