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Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 4 (1049 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Some people say the government should pay for the health care and education, but others say that it is not the government’s responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

Currently, an increasing number of people concerned about the health care and education. Some people state that government should pay for that; others think that it is not the responsibility of the government. I mainly agree the former for the following reasons.

It is obvious that health care service is a part of the social welfare system which can enhance the citizen’s satisfactions. If the government provide financial help to the hospitals, people, especially from lower income families don’t need to worry about the illness, can concentrate more on their jobs, thus leading to a higher productivities. Therefore, it is valued to invest money on health care service.

Besides, education can help to improve the productivities of the society. For instance let me sight an example. Online shopping which is supported by the information technology, changes people’s living way which is more efficient than before. How can we acquire the related knowledge? The answer is by education. People gain the necessary knowledge from schooling can contribute back to the society. It is worth to pay for that.

On the other hand, it’s also true that citizens should able to build schools and hospitals to meet people’s need. Schools and hospitals managed by individual companies can help to release the economic burden on government. Moreover, the competitions between companies improve the education quality and the health care service. But it would cause unfair competitions for the whole society if it lack government’s guidance.

In sum, it is the government’s responsibility to provide financial aid on health care and education. Meanwhile, we should encourage the individual companies to run business in these two area with the guidance from government.

Individuals can do nothing to improve the...
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