Ian Terz

Topics: Television, Television program, Television network Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: December 11, 2014
Ian Terz
Prof. Andy Smith
17 November 2014

Television made it much easier and less expensive to get new information. In the past, to get a news a person had to buy a newspaper, that is to spend time getting to the newspaper stand and pay some money for a newspaper. Television provides people with an ability to get news instantly, without getting up from the couch, and for free. Of course, there is a certain sum one should pay monthly for using a TV cable, antenna, or a satellite dish, but this fee is relatively small in comparison with the money to pay for all the newspapers one should buy to obtain the same amount of information as from the TV. Also, television provided everyone with an ability to become familiarized with multifarious cultural places and events whether in other city or other country. For instance, if it was previously impossible for to visit some museum or any other place of interest in a foreign country, the TV may deliver a large amount of the information a person would acquire by visiting this place. Or, somebody who cannot be present on a concert because of lack of free time may watch the same concert in record afterwards. It will not be completely the same, since the quality of image and sound cannot compete with the original, but it will be enough if a person is not to aesthetic. However, the television caused as well some negative impact on human life. Since watching a TV is so attractive, people read less books or even do not read them at all, spend less time on fresh air, and communicate with other people in person rarely. But neither television can fully substitute normal bidirectional communication nor it can replace book reading, and for sure it cannot anyhow replace spending time outdoors. So, the television may negatively influence mental, social, and physical health of a nation. In terms of broadcasting, all-channel legislation was passed in 1962, which required that all sets imported into or manufactured in the United...
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