How Pollution Destroys the Atmosphere and Habitats

Topics: Pollution, Volcano, Soil contamination Pages: 4 (1013 words) Published: February 20, 2013

“Nowadays, industries, automobiles, power stations, etc. have become indispensable in our daily life.” ( Science Level K page 242) Have you ever wondered what causes pollution?

Forms of Pollution
Pollution is the process whereby various harmful substances are added to the environment (land, water, air etc.) by human and natural activities. The main various types of pollution that exist are: Air Pollution

Air pollution is the cause of release of chemicals, and particulates into the atmosphere which endanger human life and living matter on the earth by humans, human products and natural disasters. As the current era of modern industrialization progresses more and more waste of the results of their production become toxins which can be freely inhaled and fatal to mammals. Water Pollution

Water pollution is the introduction of chemical, biological and physical matter into large bodies of water that corrupt the quality of life that lives in it and consumes it. Like the discharging of waste water from commercial and industrial waste (intentionally or through spills) into surface waters; oil spills, household chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers are the major sources of water pollution. Land Pollution

Land pollution is pollution of the Earth’s natural land surface by industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural activities. It occurs when chemicals are released intentionally, by spill or underground leakage. Some of the main contributions to land pollution are deforestation, construction debris, industrial factories etc.

Effects on Environment
Human Health
Pollution has many different forms that are not only doing damage to our environment but also to our health. Pollutants can enter human body causing diseases. Air pollution can cause breathing problems and eye, throat and skin irritation. When solid waste is not properly treated and disposed of, it can become a breeding for...
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