Government in Taiwan: Overthrowing the Kmt

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4 November 2009
Government in Taiwan: Overthrowing the KMT
In America, the Democrats fight the Republicans for control of the American government. They fight to lead the country the way they want it to be led. In Taiwan, MingJingTang(MJT) fights KuoMingTang(KMT) for control of the Taiwanese government. They fight to make Taiwan either a more independent and democratic nation or a more China-following nation. In recent times, KMT has been in control of the Taiwanese government with President Ma Ying-Jiu. President Ma has recently become politically vulnerable due to a flooding that was supposedly preventable. In his current condition, MJT could easily come forth and overthrow his position of power and reinstate the Democratic, pro-Taiwan party. Taiwan has been seeking an identity as a country independent of China and the reinstatement of MJT as the ruling party would help achieve this goal. Some may say that usurping KMT is not a plausible idea because the public is not only tolerant, but also accepting of the pro-China ruling party. The people of Taiwan have been dreaming of becoming an independent country, free from China’s oppression. Having the pro-China party in power will not only hinder the Taiwanese dream of independence, but it will also aid the unification of China and Taiwan. Now, while President Ma is politically vulnerable, it is clearly the time for MJT to strike the pro-China KMT and win the power to rule the growing nation. Background of the Politics

To understand the significance of political battles in Taiwan, it is necessary to understand some basic facts and history about the KMT, the MJT, and both of their party leaders. The government of Taiwan is led by either of the two parties, the MJT (MingJingTang) or the KMT (KuoMingTang)( They are essentially the Taiwanese equivalents of our Democratic and Republican parties except the KMT is the Pro-China party and the MJT is the Pro-Taiwan party. The KMT is currently the party in power in Taiwan with President Ma Ying-Jeou at its head (ROC). The KMT was founded in China shortly after to Xinhai revolution and later moved to Taiwan in a retreat from a battle with the Communist party in Mainland China (Knowledge Rush). The KMT established sovereignty as the single governing party in Taiwan and later renamed the island, the People’s Republic of China (Knowledge Rush). The KMT is known to favor Chinese reunification and Chinese nationalism even though they did make a point of ridding themselves of Chinese communists (Knowledge Rush). The KMT is the pro-China party in Taiwan and often times, their decisions and actions reflect their desire to appease China and gain Chinese favor. The KMT’s chairman, President Ma, currently leads Taiwan with a “no unification, no independence, and no use of force” stance, although some say he does not fully abide by his said stance (ROC). The KMT’s most powerful opponent is the MJT, formerly led by former President Chen Shui-Bian. President Chen and the MJT have worked for the last 3 decades to lead the nation of Taiwan to its goal of becoming independent of China. Officially established in 1986, the MJT, also known as the Democratic Progressive Party, has been working tirelessly to rid Taiwan of China’s oppressive grasp (DPP). In 2000, the MJT made history by instituting President Chen into office and overthrowing the KMT for the first time in the history of Taiwan (Democratic Progressive Part). This success led bolstered the ranks of independence fighters and the MJT gained support from the Taiwanese rapidly. President Chen was later taken out of office for acts of corruption, but the work he did with the help of the MJT had a lasting effect on Taiwan. For the first time since KMT claimed Taiwan, someone had taken the lead and led the people of Taiwan in the direction of independence as a nation. Taiwanese want for independence

The people of Taiwan...
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