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Topics: Pollution, Environmental issues, Extinction Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: December 15, 2013
The Bhawanipur Education Society College
Academic Year 2013-14
B.Com Part III (Hons.)
Project Work – Environmental Studies
Students are required to prepare a proper project with acknowledgement, distinct introduction, conclusion and bibliography. They are to collect relevant information on the topic they choose and reproduce it in their own words as far as practicable. Human Impact On Environment:

Agriculture -> Irrigation-Pesticide-Fishing
Energy Industry -> Biodiesel – Electricity Generation – Nuclear Power – Petroleum Reservoirs Mining Transport -> Aviation – Roads – Shipping
Over Population -> Water Crisis – Burial – Tragedy Of Commons – Gender Imbalance Climate Change:
Global Warming – Fossil Fuels – Sea Level Rise - Green House Gas – Urban Impact – Urban Islands
Species Extinction – Pollinator Decline – Invasive Species – Poaching – Endangered Species Pollution:
Point/ Non Point Pollution – Light –Noise – Visual
Water -> Acid Rain – Marine Pollution – Ocean Dumping - Oil Spills – Thermal Pollution Marine Debris - Waste Water Air -> Smog - Trophospheric Ozone – Automobile Emission – Human Activity – Indoor Air Quality

Resource Depletion
Exploitation Of Natural Resources – Consumerism – Consumer Capitalism – Over Consumption
Fishing -> Blast Fishing, Cyanide Fishing – Ghost Nets – Illegal Unreported And Unregulated Fishing – Over
Fishing – Shark Finning – Whaling
Logging -> Clear Cutting – Deforestation – Illegal Logging Mining -> Acid Mine Drainage – Mountain Top Removal Mining Land Degradation
Land Pollution – Desertification - Soil Contamination - Soil Erosion- Soil Salination-Over Grazing – Irrigation - Habitat Fragmentation – Habitat Destruction. Energy Conservation
Renewable Energy – Efficient Energy Use – Renewable Energy Commercialization Ozone Depletion
CFC - Biological Effects Of UV Exposure
Waste And Its Management
Electronic Waste – Litter – Waste Disposal – Marine Debris – Great Pacific...
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