Environmental Pollution

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Term Paper on
Environmental Pollution

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Environmental Pollution


I – Environmental Pollution

A. Definition
B. History

II – The kind of pollution and their effects

A. Air Pollution
B. Water Pollution
C. Solid Waste Pollution
D. Noise Pollution
E. Lead Pollution




“What is Environmental Pollution?”

With Philippine progress in industry and technology comes that which today threatens the people’s very existence. Pollution most Filipino is becoming increasingly aware of the condition there is growing alarm over air, water, land, and noise pollution.

Author: Fe B. Agpaoa, Sanchez, Custoliosa
Book Title: Contemporary social problems and issues.
Publisher: N.B.S © 1997
Page: 181


In the broadest sense, environment is the surrounding in which living things grows, reproduces, and dies, environmental includes the earth, the water, the air and all factors that help or hurt a living things chance of surviving. The condition of the environmental helps determine if food is available whether a living things will live long enough to reproduce and whether it will be able to produce healthy young human beings have made many changes in the environmental they have cut down forest and planted crops in the environment they have cut down in their place they have hunted some animals and learned to raise others. Human Inventions have put smoke and dangerous chemicals into the air have polluted lakes and streams. And have worn out of damage part of the earth. These human causes environmental problems have endangered not only humans but also most other living creatures. Environmentalists are people who have become concerned about such problems. They are looking for ways in which humans can live and prosper without harming the environmental for future generation. (Brennan, 2006) Page.122

Author: Mathew J Brennan
Book Title: The New Book of Knowledge
Copyright: 2006 by Scholastic library publishing, Inc.
“What is pollution?”

Pollution is defined as the alteration of our surroundings, wholly or largely as a by- product of man’s action, through direct or indirect effect of changes in every pattern, radiation levels, chemical and physical constitution and abundance of organism pollution as used here will mean, the presence in air and water of pollution in greater quantity than what is normally contained in this elements pollutants in a scene, come from man-made source and, generally effect air and water in large amounts. (Sanchez and Agpaoa, 1997 - 181)


History says that even in the early years of this Century typhoid fever and other enteric diseases were major causes of death, with many epidemics traced-producing viruses and bacteria paratyphoid and salmonellosis. In the letter half of the 20th Century we are still dumping enormous amount of untreated human wasted into our water ways, as a result, shellfish has become a carrier of hepatitis aquatic borne viral diseases of unknown source have increased and water of many beaches have been declared unsafe. Raw human health, contributes to direct, disruption of the environment when discharged into ponds, lakes and water ways, nitrogen and phosphates from water increases the nutrients of the water this is turn results in the growth of vast number of minutes, aquatic plant’s principally algae and phytoplankton eventually the increase of the plants produce a conditions termed eutrophication. The ecological process of enrichment and aging of water bodies. (The White House, Nov. 1965)

Air Pollution
Air pollution come from four main sources transportation power generation industry, and waste incineration of these, the biggest contributor to air pollution transportation particularly motor vehicle,...

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