Emergency Nursing Workbook

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Your guide in becoming an Emergency Nurse


According to Emergency Nurses association, Emergency nursing is a specialty area of the nursing profession like no other. To provide quality patient care for people o all ages, emergency nurses must possess both general and specific knowledge about health care to provide quality patient care for people of all ages. Emergency nurses must be ready to treat a wide variety of illnesses or injury situations, ranging from a sore throat to a heart attack.

Emergency room is the first line of care in any hospital. It is the gateway to any medical institution. Having this said, Patients in the emergency room are unpredictable. From the number of patients to the cases no one can really tell the situation of an emergency room.

Diversity. In an emergency room the nurse or any medical personnel would encounter different kinds of condition, gender, status (social and relationship) and personality. Hence, we should be able to handle cases with respect to their needs in relation to diversified characteristic.

Learning. As stated above we are handling different conditions. Some may be familiar to us but there are still cases that even once in our nursing career we haven’t heard of. A nurse should constantly update one’s knowledge regarding nursing theories, skills and techniques. This will assure that our patients are receiving care based on the latest research that could eventually improve their condition.

Assertiveness. Being an emergency nurse should face every situation with assertiveness not to mention presence of mind. One’s assertiveness could help the nurse in building their confidence in facing our valued clients.

Patience. One of the qualities an Emergency nurse should posses. Without this trait an Emergency Nurse can be in trouble. Trouble is the least thing we like to be in to.

I would like to encourage you all to become one of us. Believe me, being an Emergency nurse is a fulfillment and career that you will love.

Welcome to our world fellow nurses!



* Is the delivery of specialized care to a variety of ill or injured patients.

* Such patients may be unstable, have complex needs and require intensive and vigilant nursing care

* Others have minor problems

* No matter the reason for coming to the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT, all patients feel that their problems are emergencies


is a licensed professional nurse who is responsible for ensuring that acutely and critically ill patients and their families receive optimal care.

An Emergency Nurse is responsible for making sure that all patients and members of their families receive close attention and the best care possible

Emergency nurses specialize in rapid assessment and treatment when every second counts, particularly during the initial phase of acute illness and trauma. Emergency nurses must tackle diverse tasks with professionalism, efficiency, and above all—caring.


1.What is the New Philosophy when it comes to Emergency Nursing?


* Knowledge

* Intuition

* Logic

* Common sense

* Experience


1. As we are being exposed to different disease. List the ways that an ER Nurse can protect him/herself.

2. Vaccines are recommended to any nurses whether you will be assigned in the ER or Not. List the following vaccines needed.

3. Violence could happen anywhere even in hospitals. How should a violent patient placed on bed?

4. Restraints could be indicated to patient that is combative and can be a threat to everyone in the area. What is an important task a nurse should accomplish prior to executing this task?

5. According to JCAHO standard, raising the 4 side rails of the bed is not intended. The nurse can be charged of what criminal law?...
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