Effects of television on children

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The Effects of Television on Children
Raed Zeabi
12 B
Ms. Gina Udrea
Sharjah American International School - Dubai

Every day for the few decades; children have been subjected to the harmful messages of advertisers on television. There is some discussion in the literary works over the years at which adolescent children can distinguish television broadcasts from programs, and when they can conjure up and want what they lay their eyes on and when they are able to figure out that the advertiser’s goal is to sell a manufactured product. Resolution of the dispute has been hindered by methodological difficulties and models which fail to fully apprehend and figure out children’s acknowledgments to advertisements. This research uses a book and ecologically accurate method of searching how toy advertising act on children by studying their demands sent to Santa Claus, monitoring game commercials and obtaining television viewing data. Eighty children aged from 5 to 7 years, who had set forth the messages to Father Christmas, were consulting with looking upon the extent and quality of their television viewing. Reports and related data were also analyzed for 16 nursery school kids, aged 4 to 5 years, using survey replies from their parents. Overall, kids who observed more commercial television were found to call for a larger number of things from Santa Claus. These kids also demanded more branded items than kids who watched less. Without Regard To, the children’s demands did not agree significantly with the most every now and then advertised game merchandise on television during the build up to Christmas. An accurate relationship was founded between watching television solely and number of demands.

The Effects of Television on Children

Television was invented eighty five years ago by a farm boy named Philo by mistake, now it’s one of the main sources of entertainment, education and problems worldwide. At many different ages, kids observe and understand television in many different ways. In broad, it depends on their consideration and attention, the method they use to help process information and data, their attentiveness to that specific information, and, of course, their own experiences in life itself. Television, movies, series and advertising can affect our society significally and particularly our children. The huge amount of impact that’s caused by different aspects such as how many kids watches television and whether alone or with adults, as well as whether parents discuss what they see on television with their children. Children’s age and personality are also very important factors that help influence the amount of television impact. Television has both positive and negative influences on children. Television has brought many changes to the way children spend their free time. While some of these changes have been good and beneficial, others have had a harmful effect. Thus, the job of this paper is to investigate the positive and negative effects of television on our children who in the course of time will be our future generations.

Television has an enormous impact on how children see the world in general. Kids waste more time watching TV than they spend on their school work. Kids and teens between 8 and 18 spend at least 4 hours a day in front a television screen and almost 2 additional hours on the computer (outside school work) and playing video games (“Kaiser Family Foundation”). Television viewing takes away the time a kid needs to develop very important skills like his own native language, social skills, imagination and most importantly creativity. School kids who watch too much television tend to work less on their homework. When children do homework with a TV in the background, they tend to absorb little information and fewer skills (“Parenting early years”). According to language and speech expert Dr. Sally Ward, 20 years of research and commitment...
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