Effects Of Obesity

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Hypertension Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: March 13, 2015
Jin, ziyi Yu
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Friday, Feb 26th, 2015

Effects of Obesity
Thousands of years ago, people did not have enough food to eat because agriculture was undeveloped at that time. With the rapid economic development around the whole world; agriculture has become a lot more sophisticated than before. In modern time, people can eat almost everything that they want. Grain is not a problem for all humans anymore and fast food restaurants like McDonald's and KFC have become very popular since the 20th century, because fast food is cheap, tasty and it can be purchased fast. However, eating too many unhealthy food, such as fast food will lead to obesity. Obesity has some serious effects including health problems, mental problems and financial problems. First, health problem is one of the main effects of obesity. According to investigation statistics in 2013, there are about 2.1 billion people in the world who are obese and more than 30,000 people died because of it. Obesity raises the risk of various health diseases. For example, it results in heart diseases. As the body mass index rises, the increasing plaque in the body will narrow or block the arteries which can support oxygen to the heart, and decrease the flow of blood to the heart. This can easily cause the heart attack. Also, obesity can lead to heart failure which is due to insufficient blood supply. In addition, people who are obese have more chances to get blood pressure. High blood pressure can break the arteries thereby damaging the body. Health diseases were caused by obesity. Secondly, mental problems are contributors to obesity such as depression and anxiety; for instance, people who are overweight are more likely to be bullied than others who are normal-weight. Consequently, obese people who were bullied might get anxious easier than other people due to lack of confidence. As a consequence of lack of confidence, overweight people would choose to stay at...
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