Effect of Air Pollution

Topics: Oxygen, Air pollution, Pollution Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: January 14, 2012
The main reason of Air Pollution is burning of fossils fuels in large quantities accent decades has resulted in gradual increase in carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. It is estimated that content of carbon dioxide has increased by 25% during the last 100 years. Carbon dioxide allows in solution to pass through but absorbs out going terrestrial radiation increase of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has the effect of increasing the temp of atmosphere. It is estimated that global main temp has increased bet 0.3 degree - 0.7 degree celsius in the last 100 years. Trees carbon dioxide content in also attributed to large-scale deforestation. Trees absorb carbon dioxide accumulated in the atmosphere. Burning of coal & oil also add sulphur to the atmosphere. Lead, Co & nitrogen oxide on adding to the atmosphere from automobile exhaust. Inhalation of automobile exhaust causes nasal irritation & respiratory diseases. These gases are also responsible for causing acid rain in industrial region of Europe & North America. Acid rain affect aquatic ecosystem as water. So polluted cannot support fish other life forms. Lakes in Sweden, orway, Canada & U.S are effected by acidification. Acid rain also damages forests to great extent. Growth of trees is affected. About ten million he heacters of forests are damaged in Europe. The ozone layer is affected by exhausts from jet aircraft. CFC (cloro fluro carbon) is a stable compounds used in aerosol propellants in sprayers refrigeration's & for depletion of ozone layer to the extent of 3%-4%. In the last 100 years the ozone in the higher atmosphere serves as shield protecting the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation enters the earth surface & may cause skin cancer.

Gaseous effluents from factories pollute the atmosphere. Smoke, dust & particles of carbon, lead etc enter the atmosphere on coal night when bag occurs these particles remain suspended in the air. This condition is called smog. The smog over...
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