Determinants of Quality Healthcare

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Determinants of Quality Health Care

Determinants 2

There are people from all walks of life in America. There are people of different races, cultures, different shapes and sizes and different ages. Sickness and disease can occur with anyone. A person’s lifestyle or who they are related to is just a couple of factors when it comes to what can make them sick. Not only can disease cause death but a person can even lose their life from a mere accident.

The U.S. health care delivery system was thought to be the best in the world but lately people have started to question this once open theory. Some specialists have said that our health care delivery system needs to make major developments. Throughout this paper I will give an outline of the health care delivery system of the U.S. Additionally I will discuss how health care delivery systems are evaluated. Lastly I will discuss some determinants which contribute to influences to people and their health. The ten examples of health determinants are: Mental health Immunization Tobacco use Access to healthcare Physical activity Injury and violence Overweight/obesity Environmental quality Responsible sexual behavior Substance abuse

Mental health has been a major issue in America for decades. There just were not as many resources and treatments years ago as there are now. Families who had someone in the home with an mental illness usually threw them in an asylum mostly because the family member was an embarrassment to the family. Society was not fully educated on mental illnesses. There usually were not proper diagnoses for things such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar illnesses. Treatments a long time ago involved shock treatments and lobotomy. Lobotomy is a process

which involved cutting connections of the anterior part of the brain in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Back then, there were not determinants of mental health. Today, with health care being more of a business, psychoanalytic medicines and technology can be very expensive. Society has today been factors in determining who get quality care and who does not. People who do not have money may not be able to afford the same kinds of treatments as people who are well off. As far as health care and mental illness, patients have to be on medication and physicians have to monitor patients to make sure the medication is working. This can involve the patient having blood work to see if the medicine is not too much or not enough. Pharmacies are also involved in the monitoring of psychoanalytic medicines. They are usually the first to receive lab results. On a pack of cigarettes, the surgeon general warns that smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy. These are all determinants of health care. Even with this warning, some or most Americans spend thousands of dollars a year buying cigarettes. People who develop lung cancer and emphysema have to go through extensive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments which can be very expensive. Women who are pregnant and still smoke risk the chance of their baby being born at an alarming low birth rate or may even cause death. Usually if the OB/GYN physician knows that the mother to be is smoking cigarettes, they will provide a referral to a specialist to help the mom to stop smoking without compromising the pregnancy. This is considered part of prenatal care to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. By people being so addictive to nicotine, it can cost money to stop smoking.

There are health care resources that can help one quit smoking cigarettes. Because cigarette smoking causes a number of illnesses, one thing that has happened is that most public places and businesses have been declared smoke-free environments. Hospitals all over the world are smoke free and there can be...

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