Cypop4 Explain Why Physical Activity Is Important to the Short and Long Term Health and Well Being of Children

Topics: Heart, Play, Childhood Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: August 14, 2013
CYPOP 4 : Promote Young Children's Physical Activity and Movement Skills

1.1: Explain Why Physical Activity is Important to the Short and Long Term Health and Well Being of Children

Physical activity os and should be a part of every child's everyday life. It is not only needed to promote a healthy lifestyle for the child but also his/her general well being.

It gets them involved and can help them to participate and play with their fellow peers. It promotes learning and understanding about the world. It is also necessary in the short term to help hopefully promote and support physical activity or the want of it in the long term.

Looking at the short term health of doing physical activities, it promotes a multitude of areas, from building muscle (which helps the children move more freely helping them to really enjoy playing physically), developing the skeletal frame (without a well developed skeletal frame children run the risk of many health problems along with losing out socially which becomes emotional) and developing the heart and lung functions.

It also plays a very important role in the prevention of obesity, this is closely linked to long term health conditions.

Not only is physical activity involved in the physical development of a child but it helps to promote a better lifestyle. It is said that children who are involved in sufficient active play in a day are more likely to get to sleep more easily and will probably sleep for longer periods.

Physical activity might not always be outdoors but when it is it is beneficial for the children as they will be less likely to be prone to colds and flu's.

Taking a look at the long term health conditions of physical activity we see that it has a great influence from the short term health choices of physical activity.

From influencing a child to enjoy any physical activity from a young age helps promote a positive attitude towards physical activities later on in life such as playing sports,...
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