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Analyse how integrated working practices and multi-agency working in partnership deliver better outcomes for children and young people. It is important that different professionals who work with children communicate with others whom they come into contact with, to ensure the child is kept from harm and reaches positive outcomes in their life. A child with extra needs whether due to a disability or their upbringing will need support from various professions. If you have a child who is under social services at preschool age, communication will be between health visitors, doctors and anyone who comes into regular contact with the child and parent. They would offer their services by providing parental classes, help at home through respite where the child can go and stay with someone for a weekend to enable the parent/carer a break and also the child. It is paramount that these individual services communicate to one another to ensure the child's safety and that the parent/carer is coping. A child who is on the Autistic spectrum (suffers ASD) will possibly need support from a number of services to help support their development and reach their full potential. If the child is in education and no referral has been made or communication from parent or other professionals regarding the child showing signs of Autism, firstly the teacher will discuss their concerns with the parent and the SENCO within the setting. A developmental assessment will then be carried out. If necessary a referral will be made, this can be done via in person, telephone, email or letter. Referrals can be made to speech therapists, educational psychologist, general practitioners, all depending...
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