Crack and the Box

Topics: Drug addiction, Television program, Television Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: June 26, 2013
I consolidated my thoughts and realised that technology around us has ironically made us unwitting slaves. Hamil made the comparison between television watching drugs taking, which both dominates the lives of the addicts (Hamil 489). In this response, I view television as a possibility that might have led many individuals to the path of isolation. On the other hand, it appears to me that television is not the main factor leading to this issue and reading may not be the best substitution because it is a lonely activity. Viewers are often blinded by the hidden agenda behind every television programme. Dramas usually intrigue viewers by painting a picture which every individual perceive their ideal life would be. The fates of actors’ lives in the programmes are pre- planned unlike reality where no one knows where our future lies. These have misled people’s mindset of wanting to live a life that is worthwhile. Hence, they are alienated from the world and gradually become drug addicts. In accordance to the life situation of the Americans which Hamil has come across, it seems like love from family could be the solution to their problems. These people rely on drugs and television programmes to fill up the void inside them which are just temporary means. They should divert their focus in strengthening the bonds within their family because they are the ones who will be there for you. Communication such as sharing your woes and working them out among their love ones would ultimately give them the support they need. Watching television programmes would also be seen as a more useful activity for family to gather and exchange their thoughts when they are watching a programme. Therefore, it all lies in the type of roles that individuals are willing to take on which determines the contentment of their lives.
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