Topics: Television, Broadcasting, Television network Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: October 13, 2013
AbstractThis essay tracks broadcast television from its beginnings to the digital age of convergence. After taking over radio’s popularity, television went through many shapes and forms over the decades to come. Interactive television and the inclusion of the audience brought a whole new aspect to broadcast television. The format that includes amateur programming has lead to many new advances in the world of convergence and network programming. This has paved the way for the digital age, where the viewer is in control and the broadcaster must meet the demands of what the public wants to see. Also, the challenges posed to broadcasting by digital technology are looked at from a point-of-view of how to make broadcasting better.

. What does “convergence” mean? Discuss the interactive capabilities of broadcast TV and the choices it gives to broadcasters that they did not have before its invention. “Convergence”, when referring to media, means “the blending of communication technologies, operations, or businesses.” (Dominick, 2009, p. G-2) Put in more simple terms, convergence is a combination of different forms of media, which are joined for the purpose of covering multiple formats rather than just one. Convergence is not only more profitable for major media networks, but reaches wider audiences via its multiple avenues of conveying news. In fact, convergence has become a standard for almost all major media networks (“Media convergence,” n.d.).While convergence has affected the way media is conveyed and received, there was a time when simpler methods of media were the primary source. Broadcast television is one of the more modern formats of media from the 20 th

century. Before broadcast television, radio was the most popular form of broadcast (Dominick, 2009, p. 228). Broadcast television took its original programming ideas from radio and was meant to serve a local audience (Dominick, 2009, p. 229). When broadcast television surpassed radio in...
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