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Topics: Electrical engineering, Engineering, Electronics Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: May 27, 2002
Introduction and History

Computer engineering is a very time consuming, challenging job. To be a good computer engineer you need years of experience and collage education. Computer engineers provide information and data processing for certain computer firms and organizations. They conduct research, design computers, and discover and use new principles and ideas of applying computers. I am going to tell you specific facts about the careers of computer engineers like payment, education needed, skills, responsibilities of the job, job outlook, and benefits of the job. Computer engineering started about 5,000 years ago in China when they invented the abacus. The abacus is a manual calculator in which you move beads back and forth on rods to add or subtract. Other inventors of simple computers include Blaise Pascal who came up with the arithmetic machine for his father's work. Also Charles Babbage produced the Analytical Engine, which combined math calculations from one problem and applied it to solve other complex problems. The Analytical Engine is similar to today's computers. Occupation's Duties

A computer engineer has certain duties and responsibilities depending on the location and size of the firm he or she works for. Also the duties vary between job levels. If you work at a small firm, you will be set up on the firing line immediately and will be expected to make your boss money or you'll be fired. Also in a smaller firm you'll probably spend hours of pain-staking time trying to solve a problem that other engineers probably went over before. In larger firms, you'll be hired probably as a junior computer engineer and work your way up to senor and maybe manager of engineers. If you enjoy challenging work and problem solving, your best place to be is in a small firm. If you enjoy problem solving but not to the severe degree as in a small firm, then your place is in a larger firm. Overall, the responsibilities and duties are basically the same. These duties...
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