Topics: Causality, Global warming, Severe weather Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: July 14, 2014
Quinta nkonki
Composition 1
7 July 2014

Global Warming Is Just A Tip Of The Iceberg: Respond

The author R.Lee, wrote about the causes of global warming that could lead to a war, because of human displacement and sovereign issues. I will respond to these subjects of what Lee was trying to convey and also add some points to it. It is possible that global warming could lead to a war, as Lee stated. The fact that a conflict can arise due to scarcity of resources is actually true. As a result of the rise in the sea level due to global warming, this is followed by severe loss of land as well as property damage. The arable land will reduce, there will be a decrease in food production, and destruction of houses. As a result, people will turn to migrate to different environment. This can lead to a dispute, due to scramble of resources. It can cause human displacement, due to severe weather conditions. As the sea level increases, or the land getting hotter and decaying, this can cause people to migrate to different environments. It is true that, global warming is just a tip of the iceberg because, as ice melts, houses around that area gets in danger. The hurricane sandy for example, caused many people to displace to different environment because their houses were covered. When people go to different area, and as they scramble for resources, it can bring about conflicts. Also, Sovereignty issues due to Global Warming. Sovereignty means freedom from external control. During concord and binding truce, people share available sources with neighboring nations, they turn to fight each other. In conclusion, global warming is just a tip of the iceberg because, when the ice starts melting, places become so cold, it can provoke certain diseases such as, asthma, flu. Also, in places where there is too much flood, many houses will be destroyed.
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