Compare and Contract Between Beijing and the Ideal Eco-City

Topics: Pollution, Bus, Automobile Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Beijing is the capital city of China, and maybe people will consider that Beijing must be an eco-city. Despite the fact that Beijing has some of the characteristics of an eco-city, it is not a true eco-city. First, there are some similarities between the ideal eco-city and Beijing. According to Pearce (2006), an eco-city should be successful in transportation, recycling, and greening. The ideal eco-city would build number of lines for the public transportation across the city. Same as the ideal eco-city, public transportation in Beijing is developed satisfactorily. There are lots of subway and bus lines across the city. For example, you could go almost everywhere in Beijing uses the public transportation. It's really convenient for the citizens. Another similarity between the ideal eco-city and Beijing is the system of recycling. They both have contributed to a garbage classification system. To be more specific, in Beijing, there are two kinds of trash cans. One is for the garbage which could be recycled, such as bottles, plastic bags, and batteries. The other is for the garbage which will be burned or be treated. This system is an eco-friendly way to protect our environment. A third similarity between the ideal eco-city and Beijing is how they developed green spaces. Both of them were not only plant trees near the city centre, but also on both sides of the streets. The trees could absorb the carbon dioxide in the air, and provide people with a healthy place to live. However, they have many superficial similarities, Beijing and the ideal eco-city are really quite different. Air pollution is harmful for people's health, and the main cause of air pollution is car use. For instance, the poisonous gas that each car discharged causes air pollution. Pearce also mentions that the top planning priority is cut car use. So the ideal eco-city is planning to restrict the quantity of cars, and encourage people to ride a bike. The air will be fresh and there will have less air...

References: Pearce, F(2006,June 17). Ecopolis Now. New Scientist, 2566.
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