Chicken Soup and Mr. Washington

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At the beginning, we have a little opening in a casual talking way. The main topic that we discuss is ‘ cultivate soul ’, then two of the student think there is a book ( Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul ) is about the ‘ cultivate soul ’ and they tell the others one of the story in the book——Mr. Washington.

The story was starting in a school and the main character is called Brown. Brown is a student who is a little bit clumsy so many classmates didn’t like him. However, Brown met Mr. Washington in a lesson and Mr. Washington told him he is a clever boy and don’t despise himself.

After that, Brown met Mr. Washington again in a address. The speech of Mr. Washington is encouraging student realize their own dream in a hard way and Brown was very touching because of the speech.

After the speech, Brown found Mr. Washington and have a little talk. Brown asked Mr. Washington ‘ Is he any potential?? ’, then Mr. Washington told don’t pack in going on his dream. This talk give a big confidence that he can realize his dream.

When Brown go into the society, he continuous to accomplish his dream and he became five famous TV shows’ host!!!!!! Finally, Mr. Washington had a phone talk to Brown and praise his firm and persistent.

After the story, all of the student know a important sense——‘ When there is a will, there is a way ’ and recommend the book( Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul ) to all audience.
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