Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Human Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

Nowadays, the advanced of technology have made our life better than in the past. Standard of living of people is getting higher and higher, especially for those living in the town. But they do not know our earth has been destroyed by the time we pursue a beautiful and luxurious life. Air pollution is one of the most serious environment problems that have occurred for a long time and it is not new to everyone. This problem has become more and more serious as today’s people just blindly seek for their own profits and materials enjoyment without bothering our sickly earth. There are two causes and two effects of air pollution. One of the main causes of air pollution is there are too many vehicles come and go, in everywhere, in today’s world. The vehicles have already “overcrowded”, regardless where is the location and which country, as long as there are people. Vehicles have been an inseparable companion in humanity as it bring comfort and convenience to people. At the same time, the combustion of petrol in the cars release carbon monoxide which will pollute the air. It is an odorless and colorless gas that is bad to us. Usage of diesel by vehicles such as lorries and buses which will release the more hazardous gases to the air. As the number of vehicles keep increasing over the years, the air has been polluted and this may bring negative effects to us. Another cause of air pollution is releasing of toxic gases of factories. The environment is greatly affected by the unfiltered gases. According to the statistical report, the toxic gases which released by factories is one of the most significant contributors to air pollution. In today’s competitive world, factories are planted everywhere. Once the processes is carried on with high efficiency, the billowing smoke is released out. The majority of the factories release the smoke without filtering it as they do not have a smoke-filtered system in their smokestack tubes. In order to...
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