Cause and Effect Essay

Topics: Pollution, Causality, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: December 6, 2012

            Throughout the years, the world has suffered from our actions. Human development has caused the world to go through many changes, some of them are good and some are disaster. One of the worst disastrous that changed our world is pollution. Humans are the main reason the primary events in the process of pollution have occurred, and are also, the main reason for the emergence of all pollutants of various causes; factories, oil spills and motor vehicles.

          The first reason for pollution that makes people have a hard time to stop this problem is factories.  Factories are the number one source of pollution in the world. Air pollution in cities and industrial areas are causing serious health problems for those who breathe it. However, there are conferences on pollution to fix this problem, but no result has been reached yet. The conferences on pollution could not preserve the environment. Also, we all see the effects resulting from pollution from factories on the environment. Factories throw waste in the water or the air, and they cause many diseases. 

          Another reason for pollution is oil spills. Everyone knows the oil spills are very bad for the environment, but no one know exactly why they are dangerous. Oil spills cause a hazardous, highly-toxic gas emission that impacts the soil, groundwater and sea water. All this damage has happened through the oily spots that polluted the water, and if it is polluted, the water is hard to dissolve. Also the rapid spread can reach seven hundred K\M from the area of infusion. That is why the most affected is the water.    

             Finally, motor vehicles also cause pollution. They move shortly from point A to point B; at the same time, big amounts of smoke come out of the motor vehicles' exhaust pipes. Driving every day and using old motor vehicles causes more pollution. It can put the health of organisms in danger . For the most part, diseases come from this carbon such...
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