Boys and Girls Alone

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Paper: Boys and Girls Alone
1. In the three “Letters to the Editor” texts, we hear from various people how they see the experiment “Boys and Girls Alone” Andrew Mackenzie (broadcaster on the show, first letter) is obviously not against the TV show since he chose to broadcast it. In his letter, he describes how secure it was for the kids to be on the show and how they were taken care of regardless of the situation. He is naturally trying to justify the show by telling how the produces made sure to have child chaperones and security around the children all the time. He clearly wants to convince the skeptics that the show is not doing any harm to the children, but the opposite. In his letter he says that the kids gain a lot of experience from being on the TV show and the kids’ parents learn a lot about their kids in a positive way. Dr. Richard House (Lecturer in Psychotherapy, second letter) is not happy about the TV experiment at all. He thinks that no matter how much security and how many child chaperones you make keep an eye on the children it will never do any good for the kids. He calls the kids “child guinea-pigs” and compares them to animals. He says that even if Mr. Mackenzie has said that the kids have been screened by experts so they will not suffer from any kind of mental pain, it will never be possible to make sure that every kid is mentally suitable for the experiment. He is very much against the program. Georgina Reid (mother of TJ, child on the show, text 2) is very positive about the concept and the experiment. With the headline “I was right to put TJ on TV” she has already stated her opinion before the reader even reads her letter. She was only worried once during the entire show, because she knew that the children were taken care of no matter what happened. They were never alone, their parents could go see them if they wanted, and she felt comfortable because everything about the experiment was so open. She says that it was great for TJ to be...
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