Blood and Emergency Room Nurse

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Below is your answer sheet. Please submit only the answer sheet next meeting. 1. A 3- year-old child is hospitalized because of persistent vomiting. A nurse monitors the child closely for A. Diarrhea

B. Metabolic acidosis
C. Metabolic alkalosis
D. Hyperactive bowel sounds

2. A nurse is monitoring for signs of dehydration in a one year old child who has been hospitalized for diarrhea. The nurse prepares to take the child's temperature and avoids which method of measurement? A. Tympanic

B. Axillary
C. Rectal
D. Electronic

3. A home care nurse provides instructions to the mother of an infant with cleft palate regarding feeding. Which statement if made by the mother indicates a need for further instructions? A. "I will use a nipple with small hole to prevent choking." B. "I will stimulate sucking by rubbing the nipple on the lower lip." C. "I will allow the infant to swallow"

D. "I will allow the infant to rest frequently to provide time for swallowing what has been placed in the mouth."

4. An infant has just returned to the nursing unit following a surgical repair of a cleft lip located on the right side of the lip. The nurse places the infant in which most appropriate position? A. On the right side

B. On the left side
C. Prone
D. Supine

5. A clinic nurse reviews the record of an infant seen in the clinic. The nurse notes that a diagnosis of esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula is suspected. The nurse expects to note which most likely sign of this condition documented in the record? A. Severe projectile vomiting

B. Coughing at night time
C. Choking with feedings
D. Incessant crying

6. A nurse prepares a teaching plan for the parents of an infant with gastroesophageal reflux regarding proper positioning to manage reflux. The nurse documents that the infant should be maintained in which position following feedings at night? A. 30-degree angle when supine

B. 60-degree angle when supine
C. Head-elevated prone position
D. 20-degree angle when supine

7. A nurse provides feeding instructions to a mother of an infant diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux. To assist in reducing the episodes of emesis, the nurse tells the mother to: A. Thin the feedings by adding water to the formula

B. Thicken the feedings by adding rice cereal to the formula C. Provide less, larger, frequent feedings
D. Burp the infant less frequently during feedings

8. A nurse admits a child to the hospital with a diagnosis of pyloric stenosis. On admission assessment, which data would the nurse expect to obtain when asking the mother about the child's symptoms? A. Vomiting large amounts of bile

B. Watery diarrhea
C. Increased urine output
D. Projectile vomiting

9. A home care nurse instructs the mother about dietary measures for a 5-year old child with lactose intolerance. The nurse tells the mother that is necessary to provide which dietary supplement in the child's diet? A. Zinc

B. Protein
C. Calcium
D. Fats

10. A nurse provides home care instructions to the parents of a child with celiac disease. The nurse teaches the parents to include which of the following food items in the child's diet? A. Rice

B. Rye toast
C. Oatmeal
D. Wheat bread

11. A clinic nurse reviews the record for a 3-week old infant and notes that the physician has documented a diagnosis of suspected Hirschsprung's disease. The nurse reviews the assessment findings documented in the record, knowing that which symptom most likely led the mother to seek to health care for the infant? A. Diarrhea

B. Projectile vomiting
C. Regurgitation of feedings
D. Foul smelling ribbon like stools

12. A nurse is caring for a newborn infant with a suspected diagnosis of imperforate anus. The nurse monitors the infant, knowing that which of the...
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