Be careful of what you wish for

Topics: Pollution, Oxygen, Water pollution Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Be Careful Of What You Wish For
Men are believed to be the most advanced creatures on earth. Previous studies suggest that men are developed from primates, or ape-like ancestors. Through millions of years of continuous evolution, modern men are born. Modern men wish for many things. Most of all, they wish for development. Whoosh, flies a mound of earth. Swish, goes another mound of earth. Why is this happening? Who is digging the earth? Let’s take a closer look. In the distance, I can see men digging the earth with gigantic bull dousers. Plants underneath the earth are squashed down to nothing. Later, I can see buildings rising from the earth. The buildings rise from day to day and finally there is a fully complete housing area on the ground which once is full of plants. Now there is nothing green there anymore. Wait a second, there is more. The greenery around the housing area is disappearing too. Soon, it is replaced by malls, schools, religious buildings and other concrete structures. Finally, the place is transformed into a town, then into a city, and finally a megacity. This happens due to men’s desire for development for higher comfort in their lives. From a picturesque hilly area, they turn it into a mega township. From day to day, men build new things on earth. Hence, to support the everlasting demand for more land, they resort to cutting down forests indiscriminately. Every year, more and more precious trees are cut down for development at an alarming rate. No doubt development is good for a developing country. Without development, a country cannot progress. With development, the country can improve its placing in the world’s eyes. But, men tend to overdevelop a place. With the trees gone and factories built, the place is polluted from day to day. A century ago, we can see Mother Nature in its best equilibrium. Trees grow lushly everywhere while wild animals roam freely across the land. At that time, men are living peacefully in harmony...
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