Auditing Assignment

Topics: Audit, Auditor's report, Auditing Pages: 4 (630 words) Published: March 25, 2015
ACCT1059 Assignment (30%)
3-4 students per group. The written part of the assignment needs to be submitted through Blackboard. The team leader needs to submit the assignment on the team’s behalf, with a cover sheet listing all team members clearly. Please ensure that you submit only one assignment for your team. Due 29th of September, exact time and location ( for hard copies) to be confirmed by the local lecturer.

PART A: 10 marks
Video capture component ONLY (No written report required): Critically analyse and discuss a corporate financial reporting audit failure/ audit issues listed below. Your tutor will assign you a failure of a large corporation’s financial statement audit. Ensure that every person in the group contributes to the discussion so we expect 2 minutes video capture per student. Please provide a video link or a condensed file attachment through Blackboard. You may also embed the link into your word document. It is your responsibility to ensure that the link that you provide is reliable and free from inappropriate content. You may provide the DVD in another form as arranged with your lecturer. We prefer that you use Google docs or Youtube link for the video. AUDIT FAILURES:

1=Enron Corp.
2= China Sky One Medical
3= China Education Alliance Inc.
4=One Tel
5= Wow Joint Holdings Ltd
6=Satyam Computers
7=China Forestry Holdings Co.
8=Clive Peters Retail.
9=World Com
11= Barings Bank
12=Waste Management
Any references should be included in the one reference list for the assignment.

Part B: 20 Marks Five categories (4 marks each)
Provide a written response (from a critical perspective) to each the following categories. Please provide at least two academic (articles/ books) or professional (newspapers, articles) references for each topic. i) Ethical issues facing accounting professionals and auditors. ii) Motivation, pressures, opportunities, to commit financial fraud. iii) Role of internal and external auditors...
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