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Topics: Coronary artery disease, Obesity, Performance Pages: 2 (1342 words) Published: November 2, 2014

After learning about the factors, now with this analysis you can see that most of the factors can influence each other in one way or another. The first factor is stress; this can affect performance because having lots of things on your mind can stop you performing well because you can’t concentrate on the game or training long enough to benefit from it. The positives of stress are that you know that you want it, whatever it may be, relating to sport otherwise you wouldn’t be stressing about it. This will affect performance in training and games because you will want to get things done and you will be determined to do it. The negatives are that when training and playing games you won’t be able to concentrate, you won’t be focused, you will get annoyed when you do something wrong and you will take your stress out on others which will result in arguments. An example of someone who is stressed was Luis Suarez because he got dropped for a while which meant his performance level would drop in training because it has had an effect on him as he wasn’t used to it, also when he came back to play games because he was dropped it affected him big time meaning his performances in games especially the big games wasn’t up to the level it should be, so he lost confidence because of it. The next one is alcohol; this can affect performance because, the negatives of drinking too much can reduce concentration, focus, coordination, reaction because your body will slow down. This means when you train and play games you won’t perform to the best of your ability because of how your body reacts. The positives of drinking before performance it helps you relax and stops you from feeling any pain. This will affect performance in training and games because you will feel more relaxed but your performance level will drop because you won’t be focused and will struggle to perform. An example of someone who has drunk alcohol the night before is a team who has won a competition...
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