Anti Aging Supplements

Topics: Collagen, Gerontology, Skin Pages: 1 (423 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Anti Aging Supplements – Your Safe Bet
March 5, Tokyo- Anti Aging Supplements have been medically proved to boost the collagen levels and eventually maintain your beauty standard. Pure Marine Collagen has launched the Marine Collagen Supplement, which helps to maintain the glowing and youthful look. Being the most abundant structural protein in the body, Collagen constitutes 60% of the body's connective tissue. With aging, the body starts losing the collagen percentage and the cellulite level increases. As it is not produced by the synthesis of the food, Collagen Supplement becomes necessary for the collagen production. What makes the Pure Marine Collagen products different from the rest of the available beauty products is the fact that it works deeper than the dermis level of skin? Low collagen diets and excess stressed causes damage to the tissues. Wrinkles and fine lines appear and make the face look aged. With the new launch of the anti aging products from Pure Marine Collagen, customers can get back their lost glow. Dr. Yozo Ishidzuka, world-renown for Chinese medicine and specializing in anti-aging, integrative and holistic medicine, discovered this formula. It has been approved from the Formag, Inc. Shinagawa, Tokyo. This revolutionary anti aging product can penetrate quickly under the skin, and the reducing signs of aging are visible within seven days. Made from the finest quality fish skin collagen, Pure Marine Collagen natural rejuvenation and restores the cell repairing mechanism. Hydrolyzed collagen supplements also improve the skin tones. Acne, eczema and scar marks. "Scale" collagen" is safer to use than the other sources of animal or fish collagen. Chitin, a type of saccharine is available in the scale collagen. It can penetrate deep into the skin and improve the immunity. Another reason any Marine Collagen Supplement works wonder is that it can break down the amino acid chain through hydrolysis and hence lowering the molecular weight. This...
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