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Topics: Pollution, Tropical rainforest, Forest Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: February 7, 2014
The Mayor 
Municipal Corporation 
Muhammad Bin Awang Teh ,
No. 72 , Jalan Mawar,
22000 Jerteh, Terengganu.
Dear Sir,
Sub: Environment – Air Pollution in Jerteh
I would like to draw your attention to the dismal state of environment in Jerteh . Increased vehicular traffic and chimney smoke has made air polluted. Citizens find difficult to breathe. Dumping of hazardous chemicals in river has polluted the drinking and ground water. Encroachments on both the sides of the road have made walking on placements dangerous. All of us, as concerned citizens, have discussed these problems in various meetings. We have come up with the following proposals. These I will endeavor to introduce to you along with problem: The green road is no longer green. All the trees and shrubs have been cut. There is a heavy pall of smoke over it. We propose restricted vehicular movement.

Use of anti-pollution device be made compulsory on all vehicles. Planting and nurturing of plants and shrubs.
The River has become a dumping ground of hazards chemicals from the factories. These have killed nearly all the life in the river. It has also polluted our drinking water and ground water. We propose that Bada Nadi River be declared a protected water body. All the dumping be banned and very heavy fine be imposed on the offenders. To tackle the problem of managing hazardous waste, we propose setting up of a water treatment plant so that only clean water is discharged into the river. Cleaning up of the river and introduction of various fishes and plants in the river will bring it back to life. Encroachment on the pavements and roads has reduced the area for pedestrians. Hence, they spill over on roads causing accidents. We propose removal of encroachments and clearing up of roads. For this, the help of the local shopkeepers should be taken. Lastly, the noise pollution caused by honking of horns and blaring of loudspeakers has caused distress to one and all. Many people have become afflicted...
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